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CryoStim Cold Treatment

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Carpal Tunnel Coaching’s Favorite Pain Reliever

CryoStimTM is an easy way to comfortably, quickly and neatly apply cold to specific areas instead of using ice. Includes aloe vera conductivity gel and two CryoStimTM probes.
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What is a CryoStimTM cold treatment?

CryoStimTM is an easy way to comfortably, quickly and neatly apply cold to specific areas instead of using ice.

Why is cold therapy (cryotherapy) beneficial for carpal tunnel pain?

  • The message of cold reaches your brain before the message of pain.
  • Ice minimizes the inflammatory response.
  • Localized chilling calms fired-up nerves.

Why should I use a CryoStimTM?

  • It can last forever because it can’t puncture like ordinary ice packs.
  • The thick, soft foam handle makes it easier to grasp while you apply concentrated cold to inflamed tissue.
  • Its curved end and narrow tip allow you to pinpoint your areas of pain.
  • Its compact size allows you to keep several cold and ready to use.
  • It is easy to take with you in a cooler for office or travel use.
  • It stays colder longer.
  • CryoStimTM Conductive Gel (aloe gel) prevents a frostbite feel when using it’s coldness on a single area of your skin for up to 10 minutes.
  • CryoStimTM contains the same patented material as Blue Ice R ice packs.

Where can I use CryoStimTM?

CryoStimTM is for topical cold treatment use only and can be applied wherever you feel pain. For carpal tunnel pain relief, use the CryoStimTM as directed below on both sides of your forearms, your hands, the tops of your shoulders, your upper chest and the back of your neck.

How can I use the CryoStimTM?

Apply it directly to painful areas. Within seconds, pain miraculously disappears. Remember, the cold message reaches the brain before the pain message.

Technique One: Gliding

Barely touch the skin. Use the stem side or the tip of the CryoStimTM to do long sweeping motions from the elbow to the hand. Glide from the shoulder, up the neck, to the base of the skull.

Technique Two: Circular motions

Rest the tip lightly over any painful area. Use small circular motions on places like the base of the skull, and over the carpal tunnel and on the thumb mound. This action is very soothing.

Technique Three: Stretch and ice at the same time.

At a rate of four inches of skin per second, lightly glide the CryoStimTM over the skin of the muscle being stretched.

Technique Four: Apply CryoStimTM Conductive Gel first.

Then you can rest the CryoStimTM on one area for up to 10 minutes without the metal tip sticking to your skin. Take it off for 10 minutes and repeat technique. This would be similar to using an ice pack or frozen vegetables, except it stays cold longer out of the freezer and is area specific.

How do I clean the CryoStimTM?

Rinse the metal tip with soap and water before returning to the freezer.

What else do I need to know?

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*The pain-suppressing effect of the CryoStimTM happens from the stimulus of the cold probe over the skin. The cold stimulus inhibits the pain message from reaching the brain. This pain-suppressing effect also allows for more effective relaxation and gentle lengthening of the muscle. Try technique three to experience this pain-free stretching technique.

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