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Five Surefire Ways for your Hands to Feel Better -March Health Blogs

healthy hands resting

If you take just one thing away from this article, remember to practice consciousness of your hands’ needs. Know when you need to take a quick rest or deep breath.

Are your Wrist Pain Symptoms Wrist Tendonitis or Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel?


Understanding the difference between carpal tunnel symptoms and tendonitis can help you develop an appropriate treatment plan. Implementing even one of the 7 tips can also help you take control of your wrist pain. Thanks to our friends at SaveYourHands.com for their definitive book on injury prevention, self-care and ergonomics.
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The Three Stages of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

carpal tunnel symptoms

The sooner carpal tunnel symptoms are treated, the less likely surgery is needed. Which stage of carpal tunnel symptoms do you have?
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Carpal Tunnel Pregnancy Symptoms and Mommy’s Thumb After Delivery

Four tips to improve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain while pregnant. Also learn how to avoid tendonitis of the thumb once baby arrives. HINT: Mommy’s Thumb is related to how the baby is lifted.
Visit our friends at Birth Institute.com for more health blogs on delivery and holistic self-care during pregnancy.
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Reversible By Doing This One Thing


I can’t begin to tell you how much compassion I’ve developed as a teacher and practitioner. Listening to therapists describe their hand and arm challenges leaves me with a feeling of, well… empathy. During breaks or after class, therapists ask me what they can do for their hands to make them last. If I could climb on top of the podium, this it the one thing I would holler till I’m hoarse. Click Here To Continue

Why Carpal Tunnel Exercises Provide Relief

Here’s a test to determine if exercise will provide relief. Also figure out when NOT to exercise your hands.
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