Good Hand Health Tips

Diverse Group of Healthcare Providers from Fort Myers, Florida

Our Mission is to be a diversified resource center providing education and motivation for better hand health.


Coach Cathy Cohen - Founder

BA, LMT (MA22462), CMTPT

As founder of BeyondTriggerPoints.com, an educational program for healthcare providers, Coach Cathy is experienced in successfully providing online body-therapy education.

Her comprehensive understanding of bodies comes through her own experience in yoga and ballroom dance, as well as through her formal education. Coach Cathy holds a degree in biology and also trained with Dr. Janet Travell (leading pioneer of myofascial pain syndromes and President Kennedy’s White House Physician) and George Kousaleos (CORE Structural Integration).

Coach Cathy is a licensed bodywork therapist in Fort Myers, Florida specializing in chronic musculoskeletal pain and structural alignment. With 25 years experience teaching and motivating patients and students in clinical, classroom and online settings, Coach Cathy is deeply dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives.

“Cathy’s teaching style always encourages students to think, to question and to speculate. Her enthusiasm is contagious.”
 Brian, Registered Nurse

“Nobody has ever helped me through my times of pain the way you have. Knowing that you were there has been such a security blanket for me.”  Dianne, Licensed Massage Therapist


Kandy T. Love - Founder

PhD, LMT (MA9704), E-RYT

As a healer, Dr. KT blends the natural health practices of yoga, massage, meditation and nutrition in clinical, classroom and corporate settings. She is a springboard for students and clients to attain their own goals and personal potential.

She has traveled broadly, studying with world-renowned teachers such as B.K.S. Iyengar (legendary yoga master), Dr. John Upledger (co-founder and medical director of the Upledger Institute) and Lansing Barrett Gresham (founder Integrated Awareness®).  For 25 years, her eclectic skill set, combined with extensive teaching experience and charisma, make Dr. KT an inspirational educator.

“Your interaction with our group was uplifting and priceless! Our group usually doesn’t laugh during a meeting, but today we did. You made a difference in the life of more than one person today.”  Irvine, Quality Management Specialist

“Dr. KT’s ability to grasp, explain and apply healing concepts changed my life. I am better in all phases of my life since I started working with her.”  Norma, Juris Doctor


Lauren Jump

BS, LMT (MA41623)

Lauren is the business operations manager. She graduated top of her class in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship. She was valedictorian of her nursing assistance course. With over a decade in the health care industry as a licensed therapeutic massage therapist Lauren appreciates working with Carpal Tunnel Coaching.

I have known Lauren for some time, as a massage therapist and as an entrepreneur. She possesses skills and knowledge not found in most twice her age. Hard work and dedication to her task has her excelling in all facets of life.”   Wayne, Entrepreneur


Dizzy Dog

Carpal Tunnel Coaching’s mascot. His good humor, drive for affection and constant desire to be right at Lauren’s side brings a smile to the workplace. When stretching breaks are taken, Dizzy’s on the floor doing his downward dog.


Coach Cathy's Personal Story

Countless students and clients found me over the years to help them with their musculoskeletal pain. However, when I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tenosynovitis, I was stunned. “But I’m the expert!” I thought. “This can’t be happening to me!”

No longer could I ignore the signs, nor could I just hope my hands would eventually heal. They weren’t.

Late one night, when my hands felt incredibly painful and permanently damaged, desperation set in.  I knew I had to pay attention. That triggered the start to getting better. Days became consumed with research, product trial (and error) and appointments with all sorts of healthcare providers.

I developed a support team. I asked family members to take over some chores. I found an accountability partner and ally, Dr. KT Love, who whole-heartedly encouraged me. She and other health-care professionals motivated me to not only solve my own problem without surgery, but to develop a program that could inspire others.

Dr. KT Love’s Perspective

As a long-time teacher of yoga and bodywork, I know that overwork and stress takes its toll physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s my passion to help people develop practical self-care tools. I was honored when Coach Cathy asked me for help. I had known and respected her professionally and personally for years. I appreciated her vulnerability and her willingness.

As Coach Cathy found relief, she became clear that a program of motivational and fact-driven self-care would help others, too. We then united our passions to create a 12-therapy-session online Carpal Tunnel Coaching video program.

To your hand health,
Coach Cathy and Dr. KT Love