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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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My Doctor Diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What Now?

Your confusion, frustration and pain are real. What can you do next? Take control. Follow this exercise routine to improve your health today! This simple, easy to follow routine has shown increased grip strength and REDUCED PAIN! Start this simple home therapy course now.

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Unique holistic program: Motivating … empowering … and body-saving!

“I was so impressed with the content of this course, as well as with the extremely motivating Coach Cathy & Dr. KT. I have suffered with low levels of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for many years, and tried many avenues for relief. This program is unique in its holistic approach… the stretches are very effective in loosening & balancing the shoulder girdle, as well as promoting a more balanced posture. I cannot wait to encourage others to take this arm saving course!”

Margaret, Licensed Massage Therapist 

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