Good Hand Health Tips

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

It’s pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand and all the fingers except the little one and part of the ring finger. This is due to compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. Yes, there are other symptoms that cause similar pain, but not identical. Consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis if you have this pain.

Do I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

When the symptoms are mild, the hand sensations may wake you from sleep. Straightening the wrist or shaking the hands may alleviate the symptoms. Doctors commonly recommend wearing wrist braces at night. Coach Cathy recommends a good adjustable wrist brace with Velcro and metal support.

As the symptoms become more moderate, discomfort occurs both at night and during the day. You may notice dysfunction while driving, talking on the phone or holding small objects. You begin avoiding activities that exasperate the discomfort. A doctor’s diagnosis can be useful at this stage.release2

As the problem becomes more severe, you lose muscle strength and your pain or numbness is constant. When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is left untreated, the pad of the thumb can experience muscular atrophy.

What can I do for carpal tunnel pain?

When the symptoms are mild or moderate, non-surgical, conservative care solutions can usually reverse your problem. Once the disease process is severe, even surgery may not help. At Carpal Tunnel Coaching we believe the best time to treat your problem is NOW.

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Do you have a predisposition that can cause CTS?

For instance, women are more prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because women more commonly have smaller wrists. This smaller space in the carpal tunnel increases the chances of the median nerve being compressed. To understand how your wrist structure could compress the median nerve, check out the Carpal Tunnel Anatomy page.

Also, check out the Who’s At Risk page.


Pregnant women are more prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well. Check out why on the Pregnancy page.

Can my work cause hand and wrist problems?

Yes, your work and even your hobbies can contribute to hand and wrist problems. According to the US Department of Labor, assembly line workers are most susceptible to developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Check out the Work Related CTS page for more information.

Can I prevent and correct Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

YES!  To experience long lasting relief, try the Carpal Tunnel Coaching Program now!