Good Hand Health Tips

Risk Factors Self Assessment

In the same way heart disease has identifiable risk factors, so too does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Find out which of these 10 risk factors you have NOW!

Question 1

Do I use a significant amount of hand force?
(pressing, gripping, pinching)

Question 2

Am I exposed to vibration?
(such as when driving or using power tools)

Question 3

Do I regularly perform repetitive movements?
(particularly activities without a change in movement)

Question 4

Do I exert myself to the point of fatigue?
(and then keep working even though I feel discomfort)

Question 5

Does my body move into or repetitively stay in awkward positions?
(sitting slouched, standing twisted or sleeping lopsided)

Question 6

Do the palm sides of my wrists or hands stay in contact with hard surfaces?
(such as resting on a desk or holding a tool)

Question 7

Does my body remain in a stationary position?
(as when watching TV or using a computer)

Question 8

Do I frequently carry or lift heavy objects?
(such as a baby or boxes)

Question 9

Do my feelings around my activities and duties impact me negatively?
(I am sick of my job. I don't feel in control of my time. My job hurts my body.)

Question 10

Do I have the following conditions?
These conditions may predispose you to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
(If you can't pronounce it, you probably don't have it!)