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Carpal Tunnel Coaching Success Stories

Success Stories

“This is really a great presentation with lots of tips and beneficial advice other than just exercises, all provided in a very positive manner with gentle encouragement. It doesn’t make it overwhelming…each step is simple and brief, so that it’s easy to actually do these things and incorporate them into everyday living. It’s well worth your efforts.
I do the exercises as often as I can while sitting at my computer at work. I do the “mittens and gloves” whenever I can and when nobody’s looking!”

Lauren, Retirement Counselor, Fort Myers, Florida

“My husband and I spent 13 hours in the car with only a few breaks. The mittens and glove stretch in Module 1 was beneficial as I spent many hours gripping the steering wheel. The relaxation and breathing techniques were also beneficial due to the stress of driving in a lot of traffic on the highways.

I also found the information in Module 3 about pillows and how to adjust them for better sleeping positions very valuable for both me and my clients. I look forward to discussing this information with several of my clients who have neck and shoulder pain.

Each time I watch and listen, I pick up something else that I missed, fine tuning the exercises with each repetition.”

Trena, Licensed Massage Therapist, Fort Myers, Florida

Stretching Exercise Success Stories in Florida….

“I saw Carpal Tunnel Coaching’s stretching routine and only wish it were seven years earlier. My surgery did relieve my symptoms back then. However, I constantly use my hands in my work and that has brought the pain and tingling back. Working with this routine has helped me. I believe your program with its exercises and tips will bring others the needed relief to prevent surgery.”

Mary Lou, Nail Technician, Fort Myers, Florida

“I’ve listened to the Carpal Tunnel Coaching DVD many times and am seeing significant results in both flexibility and reduction of joint discomfort. The DVD is relaxing, very easy to follow and the demonstration is calming and beautifully presented. Dr. KT Love shares her knowledge and love of yoga and bodywork as both a teacher and lifelong practitioner. You will benefit from this DVD whether or not CTS is a concern. The information given is based on sound research and years of experience. I recommend it 100%.”

Kelli, Emeritus Director of Rehabilitation Services

“I got the relief I needed by following the exercise program and am without wrist pain now. Great way to avoid the problem!”

wayne k fort myers floridaWayne, Mechanical Engineer, Fort Myers, Florida

“I was entranced with your DVD exercise program. WONDERFUL! I was enchanted by the model’s grace, composure, and great demos. The narration is super and most inviting. Though I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome, I loved the gentle exercises and enforced rest. I actually followed along easily and felt a difference.”

Maggie, Retired Psychotherapist, Fort Myers, Florida