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Carpal Tunnel Coaching’s Favorite Massage Tool

The ThumbbyTM is one of the best massage tools for self-massaging tight muscles and carpal tunnel relief

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Why is self-massage beneficial for carpal tunnel relief?

Massage loosens muscles, increases blood flow and decreases inflammation. Whether your pain is from nerve compression or a musculoskeletal source, self-massage has the following benefits:

Prepares you for activity by warming up the muscles in your hands and forearms.
Improves circulation and flushes out metabolites between activities.

Reduces muscular tension, which increases stamina.

Why would I use one of these massage tools?

The ThumbbyTM is a hands free tool. It gets the job done without straining your hands. Its silicone material feels like human skin. The numerous surfaces allow for multiple uses. You can apply long relaxing strokes or specific spot pressure for pain relief. It’s small enough to fit in your purse and versatile enough to stick on a wall. The Carpal Tunnel Coaching Team picks the ThumbbyTM as a great way for you to help yourself and experience carpal tunnel relief.

Where can I use a ThumbbyTM for carpal tunnel relief?

Almost everywhere! Be creative. Use a ThumbbyTM on the palm side of your forearm, your hands, top of your shoulders, your upper chest and the back of your neck for carpal tunnel relief. ThumbbyTM should NOT be used over the carpal canal. (See the product insert for more ideas.)

How can I use the ThumbbyTM?

  • Hold it in your hand! Just one pound of pressure at the base creates eight pounds of pressure at the tip. This allows for deeper penetration of muscles with little effort.
  • Use it hands-free! Try it on a wall, a desk or even on your car’s center console. It sticks to almost anything!
  • The six surfaces allow for angling into body areas differently. Apply controlled pressure to painful points or use gliding strokes for relaxing taut muscles and increasing blood flow.
  • Heat, freeze or use it at room temperature. Do not use a microwave. You can easily heat it in boiling water.

What does the ThumbbyTM feel like?

The ThumbbyTM feels like your thumb, soft yet strong. The solid silicone material feels like skin. You can use it dry on skin or over clothing. Or use it with massage lotions or oil for an even smoother feel.

How big is a ThumbbyTM?

The ThumbbyTM fits in your hand and weighs 5.5 ounces. It is small enough to fit in your purse, briefcase or backpack.

How do I care for a ThumbbyTM?

A ThumbbyTM can be cleaned with soap and water and is dishwasher safe. Sanitize with alcohol, a sanitizing wipe or boiling water.

Is there a manufacturer warranty for the ThumbbyTM?

The Thumbby massage cone is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 6 months after purchase. Note: Damage to the rim caused by use is not covered under this warranty.

Coach Cathy’s Massage Tools Story

Coach Cathy has purchased, tried and discarded manyself-massage tools. None have measured up to the ThumbbyTM. It’s size and texture make it unique. She has been able to use its variety of surfaces to apply pressure that her hands alone could not have generated.

Coach Cathy uses a ThumbbyTM every day to treat her clients and herself.

Try the ThumbbyTM. We’re sure you will agree it’s an easy, effective and inexpensive tool to treat you carpal tunnel symptoms!

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