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Carpal Tunnel Coaching Program Page: Week 2

Progress is hopefully your new vocabulary word! With a now familiar format, you continue to receive new information in each of the next modules. For best results, go back and do the exercise routine every day.

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Love Your Hands Plan - Week 2

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To Your Good Hand and Wrist Health!

Module 4

Time: 22 Minutes
Exercises: Add: Corkscrew
Coaching Tips: Dealing with Inflammation
Product Picks: CryoStim Cold Treatment
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Module 5

Time: 20 Minutes
Exercises: Add: Standing Tall
Coaching Tips: Developing Good Posture
Product Picks: Thumbby
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Module 6

Time: 20 Minutes
Exercises: Entire Exercise Sequence
Coaching Tips: Improving Body Mechanics
Product Picks: Backjoy Posture Relief
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