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Carpal Tunnel Coaching Program Page: Week 1

Congratulations for committing to your hand and wrist health! Are you ready? Begin by printing the one page Love Your Hands Plan (click button below). Keep it handy. It summarizes the learning objectives of the first three modules and encourages you to make changes.

In the same way you would receive therapy at a paced schedule, you are encouraged to complete the video modules every other day. Pace yourself!

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Love Your Hands Plan - Week 1

So get started NOW by clicking on the video image below.

To Your Good Hand and Wrist Health!

Module 1

Time: 11 Minutes
Exercises: Grape Press; Mittens & Gloves
Coaching Tips: Pacing Yourself
Product Picks: Wrist Warmers
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Module 2

Time: 20 Minutes
Exercises: Add: Beach Ball Lift; Sunrise Sunset
Coaching Tips: Finding a Diagnosis
Product Picks: Wrist Brace
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Module 3

Time: 16 Minutes
Exercises: Add: Eagle Landing
Coaching Tips: Sleeping Positions
Product Picks: BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow
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