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BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow

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This supportive neck pillow has a patented layer system designed to automatically adjust to your posture as you sleep. It has both memory foam and reinvented down to keep your head in optimal alignment. It measures approximately the same size of standard pillows – 24″ X 14″.

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How does a pillow help my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms?

A good pillow improves your sleeping positions! One-third of every day is spent sleeping. Just as poor posture during the day can potentially aggravate carpal tunnel problems, so too does poor sleep positions. A supported neck can provide better sleep and less compression in the neck. Caring for your neck is another important step in preventing carpal tunnel surgery.


Why would I use a BackJoy Posture SleepTM over other pillows?

The trapeze-like layering of this unique pillow gives your head a floating sensation for both comfort and support. These are the benefits:

  • Memory foam aligns neck, head and spine
  • Dual Down Fiber adjusts and supports the spine, neck and head as sleep positioning changes
  • Hypoallergenic material for fresh, allergy free sleeping
  • Provided fitted soft pillow slip is machine washable
  • Breathable material keeps heat and moisture down (50% more breathable than cotton)
  • Curved design conforms to your neck and shoulders

What if I sleep on my side and my back?

This pillow is perfect when rolling from your back to your side. Sleeping in the center keeps your spine in the position your neck needs for back sleepers. And, both ends are built up higher for side sleeping. It self-adjusts and can be manually adjusted to support your personal optimal sleeping posture. This is the world’s only Mechanical Patented Pillow. It conforms to you whether on your side, your back, or even your belly.

How does the BackJoy Posture SleepTM Pillow feel?

The rounded shaped sides add comfort and support to the head, neck and shoulders. The pillowcase is two-sided: one side is plush for extra warmth, and the other side is smooth for cool comfort.

Does your pillow adjust its height and hardness and softness?

Pillow too soft?memory_foam_pillow

Simply shake it and it fluffs up!

Pillow too hard?

Push the material down and out toward the sides and your head sinks into a softer, lower cloud.

Does this pillow reduce snoring?

User feedback suggests in some incidences that sleeping on a BackJoy Posture SleepTM Pillow reduces snoring. Snoring can be caused by many factors though. Clinical studies on the effects of snoring while using the BackJoy Posture SleepTM Pillow are lacking.

Should I sleep on one pillow or two?

One BackJoy Posture SleepTM Pillow properly aligns the neck and spine. Sleeping on multiple pillows misaligns the head and neck.

Is the pillow warrantied by the manufacturer?

Yes, a 3-year manufacturers’ limited warranty comes with the pillow. Washing the pillow voids the guarantee. The pillowcase is covered by a 1-year limited warranty for workmanship and materials.

One response to “BackJoy Posture Sleep Pillow”

  1. mmassages@embarqmail.com says:

    This is the BEST pillow that I have ever purchased! As a veteran bodyworker, I have had neck & shoulder issues, as well as carpal tunnel impingement. The first time that I used this pillow, my neck was lengthened naturally! I was less head forward, just from a pillow!! I am telling all my friends and my clients to order this pillow!

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